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Our mission is to provide the highest quality home remodeling while incorporating traditional artistry, modern materials, and a system-wide approach.

We take the time to educate customers and install the proper materials the correct way, ensuring performance.

We utilize a system-wide approach to solve and prevent problems.

We do it right the first time.



Modern Craft Construction, LLC got its start because of a need. Before remodeling, I got started in painting. I learned very early in my career (1986) that some painting problems cannot be solved with paint. The underlying issue was improper construction and/or incorrect materials. Wanting to deliver the utmost in quality, necessity drove me to start rethinking how to solve problems. Taking things apart and asking, “how did this system fail?”, was sometimes a slow and painful process. I quickly learned that sometimes contractors did not have their customers’ best interest in mind. 

Since then, I have maintained a passion for finding out which methods, materials, and processes would best solve every problem I run into. Sometimes it involves a range of options and working with a customer to select the right fit.  Sometimes it involves a range of options and working with a customer’s objectives and budget to select the right fit. 

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